Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Cinnamon Rolls at Bliss Old Market Bakery

A friend of mine recently bought a bakery in downtown Omaha, in the area referred to as The Old Market.  She also happens to be my boss’s daughter, so I get to hear about the bakery’s happenings on a lot of fronts.  (Did I mention her husband works with my husband at StoneBridge Christian Church too?!) 

This bakery has a lot of fun items, from frosting shots served with graham cracker sticks, a variety of cupcakes and bars, to Caketinis, which are little bon-bon size bites of cake that have been mixed with frosting, then chilled and dipped in chocolate coatings.  Amazing! 

But the treats that stick out predominantly in my mind are her cinnamon rolls.  Their enormous size alone is a major factor.  And the amount of frosting she lathers on the rolls is just my kind of indulgence.  But make no mistake – the roll itself is what astounds me most.  I am NOT a roll lover.  It falls in the same category as bread, my friends, and on that I’ve been pretty clear.  NOT a fan of bread!  Even sweet rolls like cinnamon rolls can sometimes be too “bready” – I usually need that extra dose of frosting just to choke the roll down.  Especially because the roll can sometimes be kind of hard and tough.  But not these rolls.  These rolls are soft.  Just what I’ve always wanted a cinnamon roll to be!  And they have a kind of sourdough taste to them – a bit sweet but not overly so.  They somewhat remind me of the rolls at Texas Roadhouse and O’Charley’s*.  (The only difference in the rolls at these two places in my mind is the cinnamon butter that Texas Roadhouse serves with theirs; otherwise, they’re indistinguishable to me & probably they get their frozen roll dough from the same distributor!).  I urge you to go to Bliss!

*O’Charley’s is a restaurant similar to Applebee’s, for those that are unfamiliar with it.


  1. you know Cari, normally I find your blog accessible to me, with recipes I can try or restaurants I can visit. but today I am just jealous. lol

  2. You can go when you come to visit - which you do almost as often as I get down to the Old Market!

  3. I'm glad you find my blog mostly accessible, though!!! :-)

  4. This is too funny, I just posted my recipe for cinnamon rolls tonight! We are on the same track mind :)

  5. Congrats on keeping up with posting! So many blogs fall by the wayside due to lack of effort. I speak from experience. :(

    Those cinnamon rolls sound heavenly. I'll have to try them out!

    Chris L.