Monday, June 21, 2010

Nothing Fancy

As you’ve seen from some of my previous posts, I’m into some gourmet foods.  But as you’ve also probably noticed, I’m all about the traditional comfort foods as well.  Nothing hits the spot for me better than Rice Krispie treats and grape Kool-Aid.  And yes, I’m serious.  I can eat Rice Krispie treats two-fisted and have the pan gone in a matter of minutes.  They’re deceptively bad for you – they taste like sugar-spun air goodness!  (That phrase makes me think of cotton candy, another fantastic classic treat for me.)  And some of you know my addiction to grape Kool-Aid.  I don’t use the word “addiction” lightly.  But it most accurately describes my relationship to that beverage.  No other flavor has quite the impact for me.  I’ve been known, as my husband will attest, to get excited about coming home just because I know I have grape Kool-Aid waiting in the fridge for me.  And I’ve been known to drink the entire pitcher in one evening flat.  Just glass, after glass, after glass.  Mmm…I think my mouth is watering just thinking about it…yep, it is. 

I still remember my previous boss, Dave, who is also a bit of a foodie, asking me what my favorite foods were as we were on our way to a catering convention.  Must have been one of those days, because all I could think of to say was, “Rice Krispie treats and grape Kool-Aid”.  I’m sure he was truly impressed with my mature palate.  But I think the most honest answers sometimes come in those moments when we just blurt out the first thing that comes to mind. 

Here’s my foolproof recipe for fantastic Rice Krispie treats. (I’ve even burned the marshmallows a time or two by not paying full attention & they still turn out good!)

Rice Krispie Treats

10.5 oz mini marshmallows                                       
3 T butter / marg.
6 C Rice Krispies cereal

Melt margarine / butter & marshmallows in a large pan on the stove, stirring occasionally.  When melted & smooth, remove from heat & stir in cereal until well coated.  Spread into a greased 9x13 pan; use greased hands to press into place.  Let cool & cut into bars.  Makes 24 bars.  (Optional: for thicker treats, use a 9x9 pan.)

Note to reader:  Consuming large amounts of grape Kool-Aid repeatedly will result in gastro-intestinal issues.  I know this from experience!  Yet, somehow I still go back to it, just like a crack addict to a pipe…

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