Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Easter Candy

Easter is the very best time for candy.  I feel like a bit of a broken record here, knowing I’ve proclaimed this many times for many people.  But I just can’t say enough about it.  Here’s a “best of” for my Easter candy basket:

-Cadbury Crème Eggs.  Doesn’t get better than this gooey, rich treat.  ‘Nuff said.

-Starburst jelly beans.  These flavors beat all others.  Even Jelly Bellies take a backseat to these at Easter time.  (I think they are available year round now, but I will always associate them with Easter candy since that was their original debut.)

-Lifesavers Pastels.  The cotton candy flavor is gone in a flash when I’m around!

-SweeTarts Ducks, Chicks & Bunnies.  I don’t normally get too excited about SweeTarts but these little critters make me very, very happy.  They are super sweet, mouth watering (from the tang) and just dissolve into a million little taste explosions.  

-Reese’s Mini Eggs.  I know some prefer the giant eggs that come in a single package.  But I much prefer the mini ones.  Their ratio of chocolate to peanut butter (which seems much creamier in the mini egg than normal, which is great) is better.  More chocolate means more happy.

I know some of you will be extremely disappointed by the lack of a Peeps reference here.  And although I’m not at all opposed to the squishy sweet goodness of a Peep, in whatever form it may take, they’re just not that high on my list either.


  1. I hope this list isn't in order of preference - it would be a crime for Reese's eggs to be at the bottom of the list. Sooo good.

  2. I know most people have a love/hate relationship with these, but you can't forget black jellybeans!!

  3. I do love me some black jelly beans!!

  4. Love the Cadbury mini eggs, the ones with a shell. Have not tried the lifesaver and cotton candy treats get along well so I may have to find a bag.

  5. I need to know who sells lifesaver pastel hard candy