Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Seafood #2 - Shucks

Continued…Seafood is a delicacy that my husband and I revel in.  Just recently, probably within the last year, we’ve discovered that more than any other kind, we love to choose seafood restaurants when we eat out for a nice meal.  I’ve loved seafood ever since shrimp beat out corn as my favorite food when I was around 8 years old.  And my husband has far outdone me in the adventurous seafood eater department lately.  On our trip to Mexico last year, Jake ate some of the nastiest looking seafood I’ve ever seen:  whole baby octopi in a seafood soup!  Not to mention his love of the big raw mackerel pieces of sushi.  I’m more of a cooked seafood kind of chick. 

Here’s the second of our favorite seafood restaurant experiences so far (look for one further installment of this series):

Shucks is fantastically priced and delicious.  It’s an oyster bar and seafood restaurant with a couple locations, but we’ve only been to the one at 168th & Center, Shoppes at Legacy.  It’s great!  For our anniversary we shared an appetizer of fried soft-shell crab for about $6.99.  Jake was amazed that it was in the shape of a crab, which was very amusing to me.   I had to clarify that it was indeed a whole crab, dipped in the lightest, yummiest batter, and fried to perfection.  He was nervous about eating the whole thing, but that’s what you do with ‘soft shell’ crab.  And it was a success!  Then we each had a fish entrée.  Mine was almond crusted rainbow trout and was very tender and moist.  Jake had an ahi tuna steak, sautéed on each side, but rare (meaning raw) in the middle.  It was actually so tasty!!  We’ve been back and I wouldn’t really suggest the lobster bisque to anyone (really creamy and a bit too rich with hardly any lobster).  But Shucks is  still top on our list.  Oh, and Jake tried one oyster in the half-shell for $1.00 and said it was okay, but wasn’t too thrilled.  I declined to try it.  Too slimy!  But I did try the horseradish that came with it, not knowing it was straight horseradish!  I forget what we thought it might be, but it definitely was NOT whatever we thought it was.

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  1. We went here for a date night awhile back-- to the one on Pacific. We also thought it was great! Super casual atmosphere, cost more than a typical evening out but worth it.