Friday, March 4, 2011

Calling It Quits

No, not on the blog, silly.  On the caffeine.  (If you read my Monday post, you know this is going to be a huge feat.)  And on the sugar.  (If you know me, you also know that this is quite an undertaking.)  Just for a month.  I once quit refined sugar for all of Lent, so one month shouldn’t kill me.  But right now it feels like it’s going to.  Which I why it is imperative that I do so.  Right now.

I read on Facebook recently that a friend of mine gave up sweets & soda for a month.  He lost 14 lbs in the process, though I’m not at all optimistic about the chances of that happening for me.  But his story inspired me.  And since this is the beginning of March, no better time than the present to tackle this issue in my life.

Discipline is something that escapes me.  I am not a very disciplined person at all.  I’ve flirted with it at various times in my life, in various ways.  But I have a hard time tackling it to the ground and making it work for me.  Probably because tackling something requires the discipline to build up the strength to be able to tackle.  I’m sure you see the vicious cycle there.

I was astounded when I announced to my husband this goal and he automatically volunteered to join me in this quest.  He normally is very resistant to such changes and with his new diet restrictions I was definitely expecting a bucking at the idea of cutting out even more.  However, I think discipline begets discipline.  He’s now aware of how eating better can make him feel better, I think.  Maybe.  I have no real idea, but I like to think that might be it.  Because it will make my job of helping him live longer much easier.

So for the rest of March I will not partake of sweets like desserts, candy, soda, Koolaid, etc.  Which will be hard.  So, so hard.  It’s already been really hard & I’ve only been on it for a couple days.  But I know I can do it.  I need to do it.  Sometimes you get stuck in patterns where you’re just binging on everything.  I recently stocked up (truly, obscenely stocked up) on Koolaid since my Walmart finally decided to stock it after MONTHS of empty shelves.  Right now my counter is littered with Cadbury Eggs (more on those later), Girl Scout Cookies (ditto), homemade cookies from my neighbors and some oatmeal fudge bars.  Seriously.  Now you see my problem?!  However, I also have a produce basket on my table that is chock full of oranges, pineapple, bananas and apples.  And this morning, rather than indulge in an oatmeal fudge bar for breakfast (what?! It’s oatmeal!!), I chose the orange.  So here goes.  Pray for me.  Seriously.  I've already experienced pretty severe headaches & more just from the caffeine & sugar withdrawal.  Thank goodness I've never tried any hard drugs!!  

But the good news is that there will still be time for Easter candy deliciousness afterward.  That’s very good news, my friends!


  1. Get all of it out of your house! You can't eat it if it's not there! Since both of you are doing it don't keep any of it. Give it to another neighbor, bury it in the back yard, be brutal, YOU CAN DO IT!!!

  2. Oh, it's all already gone, Susan!!