Friday, March 11, 2011

Girl Scout Cookies

Is there anything better than the sweet taste of youthful independence in the springtime? 

What?!  Isn’t that what you taste when you bite into the delectable delight of a Peanut Butter Pattie / Tagalong?  The traditional crispness of a Thin Mint?  The gooey goodness of a Caramel DeLite / Samoa?

First, why are there different names for the cookies based on what region you’re in?  I remember one year in Cincinnati we ordered some cookies from a friend in Ohio and they were called one name and then some more from a friend nearer to Indiana (Cincinnati is right on the border between Indiana, Ohio & Kentucky) and they were called another.  Except for Thin Mints, of course.  Those remain the same for all regions, all time.

People generally have their favorites.  And their absolute top favorite is generally NOT Thin Mints.  However, like myself, most people still generally order Thin Mints in addition to everything else, making them the most popular in terms of ordering. 

But I would not die for a Thin Mint.  I might sell my left arm for a Caramel Delite / Samoa, though.  That chewy toasted coconut, gooey caramel, sweet chocolate & crunchy cookie satisfies in a way almost nothing else can.  I long for them.  I devour them.  I buy the Edy’s brand ice cream that incorporates them.  And I know they’re popular.  People who generally don’t care for coconut have found a deep profound love for them.

My husband is a Peanut Butter Pattie / Tagalong man, though.  And this works quite well for us.  I have no desire to spend calories on his cookies and the same goes for him with mine. 

We used to order a box of Caramel Delites / Samoas for me, a box of Peanut Butter Patties / Tagalongs for him and a box of Thin Mints to share.  Due to cutbacks in the finances, the Thin Mints are a thing of the past.  And we find we don’t miss them.  They were always the last to go anyway.  (Isn’t this always the case with Thin Mints?!  Why do we all bother if we’re not that crazy about them?)

In recent years I’ve ventured out into other options, only to find them lacking in comparison to our faves. 

You’ll rarely see such devotion as that from a person to their favorite Girl Scout Cookie.  Why do they provoke such strong responses from us?  Is it that they’re only available for a limited time?  Is it that it’s a strong national tradition?  Is it that we can taste the investment we're making in our country's youth?  Is it that they’re SO incredibly delicious? 

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