Monday, February 28, 2011

Living On Caffeine

Lately I’ve been in a strange (and unpleasant) routine of staying up far too late and needing to get up pretty early (early for me; may not be early for you).  In order to maintain a functioning capacity with this routine, it is vital for me to consume caffeine in significant quantities.  Lots & lots of caffeine.  In the form of chocolate, soda, coffee, etc. 

However, I know that this is not a healthy lifestyle.  I do recognize that consuming caffeine actually makes me MORE tired in the end.  Realizing this fact has not helped me succumb to a caffeine-free existence, however.  I do try pretty hard to stay away from the zippy beverages in the evening.  But when morning dawns, I’m drawn right back in.

I didn’t always struggle with caffeine.  No, I used to dive right into the caffeine-loving existence, quite struggle free.  I still remember the birthday in college that my friend (or was it a boyfriend?  surely not!) purchased a case (yes, a 24-pack) of Dr. Pepper for me to celebrate the passing of 19 years of life.  And celebrate I did.  I consumed all 288 fluid ounces of those 23 authentic blended flavors in record time.  Approximately one day, to be exact.  (Hold applause.  What?  You’re appalled?!  I thought that was sheer wonder on your face.  Huh.  And to think I thought it was impressive.)

I still hold a love of the sweet, sweet Doctor.  I have 2 (yes, two) shirts that declare his permanent hold on me.  I blame my parents.  Because both shirts originally belonged to them.  And because they introduced me to this spicy beverage ("spice" - get it?! Dr. "Pepper"!!) and exhibited a deep & profound attachment of their own.  Mostly my dad.  But if ever there was something that a parent passes onto a child that is entirely forgivable, this is just the thing. 

Anyway, I think you can probably tell that I’m writing this on fewer hours of sleep than would be entirely beneficial for me.  And I’m just hoping - despite the fact that my eyes are so tired they’ve refused to focus for the better part of the day - that I’m typing the right letters to form the right words and so on.  Maybe I’ll just go get my afternoon soda boost…


  1. I'm reading about generational sin in my Beth Moore study. I'm addicted to diet mountain dew, and so is my mom. Think this theory applies?? HA! I'm right there with ya on the caffeine problem :)

  2. I'm not sure if we can be friends anymore. I wasn't aware that you drank that much Dr. Pepper in that short of time.'s been real.

    I'm trying to stop drinking caffeine too. But honestly I really don't drink that much.I'm more annoyed that I feel I "have to have it" to survive. I don't like being dependent on anything nor do I like giving in to cravings.