Monday, October 25, 2010

Wedding Cake Update

So, after posting on how much I couldn't care less about most wedding cakes, I have to say that my brother's wedding cake was delish!!  Karen, their cake lady, did an excellent job.  I have to eat my words. :-)
Not only does this cake look amazing, it tasted amazing!  The frosting was truly rich buttercream (you can tell it was good because it didn't stand up for days on end - only chemical byproducts do that!).  That's not to say the frosting wasn't good & delicious & didn't stand up well.  Just that you could tell it was really real stuff.  

Each layer was a different flavor of cake: apple spice, vanilla, and then chocolate with a chocolate cream filling.  They had an additional sheetcake of red velvet, which was what I had.  It didn't have the red food coloring, so it just looked like the chocolate yumminess it was.  It was rich & dense.  I loved it!  I've never really cared much about the red velvet cakes I've had before, so that is a true compliment.  Hats off to the chef!

(Picture compliments of Abby Snyder, photographer extraordinaire.  No really, she's amazing!)


  1. What a cool idea to have each layer be different. It looked like a delish cake! Sounds like the cake lady really knew her stuff.

  2. I had the vanilla and the cake was amazing! Way better then our wedding cake.