Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pie In My Eye

I could come up with all kinds of catchy, corny “pie” titles!  Just sitting here, I’ve come up with three in no time flat.  But enough of that.  (See the silly rhyme?!  I’m much too cool for these kind of shenanigans, I know, but sometimes I delve into the trite on accident.) 

In any case, this post is inspired by my recent trip to Village Inn.  Every so often my maternal grandmother comes to town for an eye doctor appointment due to her macular degeneration.  My uncle normally brings her and I meet them for lunch, sometimes accompanied by my lovely husband.  At first we attempted to try out several different lunch locales, but my grandma finally settled on Village Inn as the most acceptable venue.  And since grandma pays, grandma picks. 

Now, Village Inn isn’t at the top of my restaurant pick list.  However, they do a few things fairly well.  I’d say breakfast food is a strength.  But nothing – absolutely NOTHING – on their menu beats their pie.  Among pie distributers, I think Village Inn is pretty high anyway.  I don’t care for their “cream” on their coconut cream pie, but aside from that I have very few complaints when it comes to this sweet treat.  And although I loves me a good key lime or a rich pecan, I am rarely tempted away from the kingpin pie in my eye: French Silk Pie. 

French Silk is creamy chocolatey goodness.  It is topped by whipped cream delight and dusted with chocolate shavings/curls.  If I could change but one thing, it would be that this delicacy would be seated on a crust of graham cracker crumbs rather than the thick pastry shell that accompanies it.  However, I know I am mostly alone in that pursuit, as I equate pastry crust to bread most days, which would only increase it’s worthiness in some of your eyes, but definitely diminishes it in mine.

Thus, I am a big fan of Village Inn’s meal deal that lets you pick half a sandwich (from a specified list), a side salad or cup of soup and a piece of pie (no list necessary, thankfully).  And yes, I do get a sandwich, which probably blows y’all’s minds.  It is a carved turkey sandwich, though – not some pressed sandwich meat, so the scale is a bit more lenient.  But I’ll be honest – mostly I order this meal for the end result: the pie.  French Silk Pie, to be exact.  (I did, most graciously, let my husband have a bite.  One.)  If I was to get any other meal, it would be a breakfast one.  Which I’ve done.  But I normally do not get pie at the end of the breakfast meals, since they usually come with pancakes.  And not that I’m opposed to pancakes topped with pie, but I’m normally too stuffed to think that sounds all that wonderful (sadly).  And I would be hard-pressed to justify the added cost of pie (especially since Gram is paying for it!).  But the pie COMES WITH this meal!!  Delightful! 

Note: there are days (right now Wednesdays) that you can get a free slice of pie at Village Inn with some kind of other purchase.  So that’s a bonus.  But unless Gram is requesting, I’m still hard-pressed to choose Village Inn as a restaurant of choice.  Even if it comes with pie.

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