Monday, August 2, 2010

Ethnic Picnic: Indian style

I have my sister-in-law, Christine, and brother-in-law, Brian, to thank for introducing us to the yummy cuisine of the Indian persuasion.  When we moved to Omaha, they invited us out to Jaipur, a restaurant in Rockbrook Village.  I loved it from the start, but Jake has had a little more trouble finding something he would order again and again.  But find it he has!

My perfect Indian meal at Jaipur:

Appetizers:  Vegetable Samosas - mildly spiced vegetable turnover (pictured below)


Green side salad with a creamy, tangy citrus dressing (comes with meal)

Bread:  Garlic naan - chewy bread, almost pita-like, stuffed with minced garlic (pictured below)

Main Course:  Chicken Korma - boneless pieces of chicken cooked in a creamy curry sauce, served with Jasmine Rice (white rice with an infusion of jasmine)

We both prefer the vegetable Samosas over the meat ones, though Jake often orders some of both for his main course.  He told me recently that his mouth started to water at the thought of the Samosas.  So we have reached success at finding Indian food he likes! 

Beware of the tricky lunch hours at Jaipur.  Be sure to call ahead to see if they’re really open before you make plans to go.  Twice I’ve had the misfortune of arriving during off-hours!


  1. Have you ever made naan? I have a killer garlic naan recipe that we love.

  2. Haven't ever made it! Seems too challenging. :-)

  3. This is making my mouth water! We seriously need to have a lunchdate with Micaela at Jaipur!

  4. It's really not daunting. It is a yeast bread so you have to be careful not to kill the yeast but that's the hardest part. After you mix up the dough and it rises once, then you roll it into smallish balls and let it rise again for like 30 minutes. Then roll it out with a rolling pin, brush both sides with butter, and cook. I've made it on my indoor George Foreman grill and just in a skillet on the stove top. It's kind of an fun food to make because it goes fast if you have two people so if I make it, I let Kenson roll out the dough while I cook it. I've also made it in my bread machine using the dough cycle so that it mixes the dough for me and then I take it out to make the small balls, rise and roll out. I thought it was a little tougher in the bread machine, I suppose because it mixes it up more than if you do it by hand. Anyway, the link is . Be brave; you can do it!

  5. Um, Kayla, you lost me at the yeast part. And the mixing dough, letting it rise, rolling it, etc. This takes me back to my 4-H days, which I'd sometimes like to forget when it involves yeast. :-) But others are already pining for your recipe, so thanks for sharing!!!