Monday, August 30, 2010

Best Deals on Meals Around Town

I already posted about the meals I think are way too overpriced for the food you get.  And I promised to post about the ones that I think are worth it.  So this is me keeping that promise.  Do note that I’m leaving out fast food as options, since we all know how cheap they are from the start.

Best bang for your buck in my book:

**Shucks – This seafood stop has amazing prices and delicious food.  Everything is under $20.  So far my top pick is their grilled shrimp, which can be paired nicely with the green bean risotto (a half order is $8.95!).  Jake absolutely adores their Ahi Tuna Steak, which comes in at a reasonable $13.95.  That’s some seriously fresh and delicious seafood for an amazing price, folks!  The same outfit (Absolutely Fresh) owns a brunch bistro as well, which I find to be incredibly overpriced for the options.  Seriously, I can get Ahi Tuna Steak for $13.95 but several egg entrees at Bailey’s will cost me $9.95!  Crazy.  Either Shucks is an even more incredible deal or they’re just raking it in at Bailey’s.  So definitely go for Shucks.

**Tropics  -  My top Omaha pick for the best value in burgers around.  For $4 you can get a fresh burger and fries with loads of topping options.  And several more (and interesting) topping options are just $1 more (each).  Exchange the regular fries for sweet potato fries for $1 as well.  I just love sweet potato fries.  Much better than other chain burger joints that gouge you from the get-go.

**LaMesa – I can get a chicken enchilada, side of rice, salsa & chips for under $5 (when ordering to-go; I don’t cheat the server a tip when I eat in!).  And, yes, you still get free chips & salsa when you order to-go.  Can’t beat it!

**Sushi Half-Price Happy Hours at Hiro, Blue, etc – Sushi is expensive!  So the best way to get your raw fish fix (or cooked, for that matter) is to go when it’s half off and with a group to share that large boat platter filled to overflowing with the scrumptious big bites of deliciousness.  (Can you tell I love it & haven’t had enough of it lately?!)  There are several places around town that offer this kind of half price happy hour, but my favorite will probably always be Hiro.  It’s the first place I tried sushi, the first place we discovered we both LOVED it (not too common for Jake & I), and so far, makes the best sushi I’ve tried.  Other places have been “fine” but nothing compares to Hiro as of yet.  I did recently go to Baby Blue with some friends & their selection of half price options at happy hour is abundant, so that’s nice.  But I still think Hiro’s sushi is best. with Blue in 2nd place.

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