Friday, August 20, 2010

Overpriced Meal Deals

Like any good foodie, I love eating out.  And like any good budgeter, I like getting a good (or great) deal.  There are several places that I find to be overpriced for what you get, however.  Some of these places I may have mentioned previously in posts as yummy places to eat, and that hasn’t changed.  But I do think you might find a better bang for your buck elsewhere.

Red Robin – Don’t get me wrong, I really like the food.  But it’s burgers & fries, people!  I shouldn’t be expected to pay at least $10 for such fare!!  I know they work hard at giving me different gourmet options, but I can go to Tropics for a $4 burger where lots of the same toppings are free and several are just a buck more.  And, yes, they have bottomless fries.  But have you ever found it as difficult as I have to actually get the server back to your table with more said fries?  I just don’t think this place is always worth the pretty penny you have to shell out to eat there.  Since we’ve buttoned down the hatches on our budget, I’m becoming more choosy in how I spend my money and what I want to get for that spending.  And Red Robin ain’t it.

Mimi’s Café – Again, good food.  But their prices are steep for breakfast entrees and the like.  Chicken and fruit is almost $10?  I did get a buy one, get one free entrée coupon when I signed up for their email club, which made it somewhat more affordable.  But I still won’t make Mimi’s top of the list.

LePeep – I do love a good brunch, and this place has good brunch options.  But not uber-fantastic brunch options, which is what you’d expect from the prices listed.  For the cost, I would think they could stuff a bit more stuffing into my Stuffed French Toast!  Or smother it in fresh strawberries.  Or load up on the potato hashbrowns on the side, instead of sprinkling a few measly nuggets next to my omelet.  Breakfast food is cheap to make, people, so they’re getting a steep markup on what they’re offering.  Maybe I’ll just make it myself at home instead.

Perkins, Country Kitchen, Etc. – These kinds of restaurants are fewer and farther between these days for a reason:  they don’t offer premium product for the premium price they charge.  Sure, you usually get plenty of food, but it’s not really great food.  And their breakfasts are definitely better than lunch or dinner options, which are usually just reheated, deep fried & gravy smothered.  I can get that from a good frozen dinner at the store.  So why pay more for the cheesy “country” atmosphere and (usually) lazy service?  I’ll skip these venues as much as possible.

There are several restaurants that I do think are worth the money.  Some I’ve already touted.  Some will come later, so keep checking back! 

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