Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Firehouse

One of the recommended places to eat in Rapid City, SD, is The Firehouse.  It’s a local place in downtown Rapid and it offers a wide variety of menu choices.  We blessed The Firehouse with our presence one noontime day when we wanted to be a blessing to the family whose house we’d worked on all week.  Us girls took the chicks in the family to The Firehouse while the boys took the boys to Sanford’s, which is apparently all meat-based and thus, very manly.  Ha!  Anyway, there were about 7 of us females, including a very mature 6 year old who was alternately shy & entertaining.

I think everyone ordered something different.  The menu had burgers, salads, fish & chips, country fried steak, shepherd’s pie, pasta and more.  I was feeling fairly loaded down from all the meat & potatoes I’d consumed that week so I ordered an oriental chicken salad, the lunch-size.  Man.  When it came I had trouble keeping it all in the bowl.  It was overflowing.  And it was just what I needed.  Lots of yummy chicken (REAL chicken, not the weird chicken-like bits you sometimes find in salads & wraps), veggies, crisp light rice noodles for a crunch, all topped with a light oriental vinaigrette.  Perfect.

Others enjoyed their fried meat goodness, pizza rolls and French fries.  We all got what we wanted. 

And to top it off we ordered a couple desserts to share.  Two girls specifically wanted cheesecake, which I think they guarded with their lives when it came.  Which was fine with the rest of us since we all had a HUGE piece of chocolate cake to consume.  It was called the “Stop Drop and Roll”.  It was like a massive slice of an industrial-size Swiss Cake Roll.  And it was AMAZING.  No one was disappointed.  The whipped cream filling was light and creamy, not too heavy at all.  And the cake was rich & chocolatey but not too dense.  Perfection.  

Can you see the sheer joy that I guarantee was reflected on all our faces?!

The prices were about average for the sit-down type venues like Applebees.  All right around $10.  Some over, some under. 

But I’d definitely recommend saving room for dessert.

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