Monday, May 16, 2011

Blessed By Black Hills Hospitality

So now is the first chance I’ve gotten (or taken) to write a bit about the trip I took to Rapid City with 10 college students and one other wonderful sponsor.  I wrote once before - quite awhile ago - about how I see hospitality as an actual ministry and spiritual gift.  Our trip is a great example of that.

We’d originally planned out the trip: lodging, transportation, food, etc and then figured out what to charge each student based on those costs.  The students anteed up and we took off.  Upon arrival we found that our host families were prepared to offer us meals throughout the week.  Add to that our amazement when the woman whose basement we helped finish (aka drywall, mud & tape) provided lunch for us two days in a row!  I mean, you know my lack of love for bread & we were going to be having the most basic of deli sandwiches for 4 days in a row and instead we had sloppy joes and massive hamburgers (minus the bun for me). 

Because our basic needs were provided for in truly abundant ways, we were able to bless others more than we’d even planned for.  It was truly a wonderful experience.  And instead of coming back after a long day of manual labor and having to prepare food for 20 we were able to really relax and enjoy ourselves since someone else tapped into their God-given love of cooking for us.  Win-win, people!

Here’s a big, ‘ole shout-out to Mary & Larry & Kelly & Jessica & Sandee & Bruce for your amazing show of hospitality as well as delicious food!  (These people can COOK!)

More on our trip's food offerings to come.

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