Monday, January 17, 2011

Embarking on a Gluten-Free Diet

My husband has had some recent health issues and as a result, his doctor has prescribed a gluten-free diet for at least the time being.  This is not a surprise to either of us, as I’d already indicated it might be something he should try.  His mother started on this diet last year and the doctor agreed that since that is genetic, it could be very possible that a gluten-free diet would help Jake.  Further testing, along with a food journal, will determine if this should be a lasting change.

I’m all about focusing on the positive.  There are LOTS of things he CAN have on a gluten-free diet!!  Rice, corn, and potato products are all very prevalent and all on his approved diet list.  We (aka ME) are also very excited to try a few new things like quinoa.  I’m not sure Jake would ever have been excited to try new foods (other than seafood) but he’s definitely willing to now, thankfully.  I’m just sure this is my chance to change him to a cheese-lover!  Well, if not, maybe a sweet potato lover?  Coconut?  We’ll see. 

I’ve already found some good resources for gluten-free products and we’re blessed to live in an area with a plethora of good resources for such things. Many restaurants here are gluten-free friendly and we have good health food stores or sections in our stores. Even our Walmart has a small gluten-free section!  But mostly we’ve talked about trying to eat more fruits & veggies and lean protein, less processed junk anyway, even before this diet came on.  So that fits well within the parameters of his special diet anyway!  Eating more seasonal produce will stretch Jake too, but it will help the budget AND we'll be doing our part to promote healthier produce practices overall.  Besides, potatoes are in season and they’re not scary.  Frozen and canned veggies will be our friends too.

If you have some great gluten-free recipes (many of you probably do & don’t even know it!) or gluten-free friendly restaurant suggestions, please pass them on!  It’s funny, but I haven’t been so excited about menu planning, grocery shopping & cooking for quite awhile.  This is just the new challenge I’ve apparently been waiting for!


  1. I don't know if you ever get on the Pioneer Woman website but she has a "side blog" called Tasty Kitchen. Here's the link

    They have over 20 pages of gf recipes from baked goods to chicken strips!

  2. I will check it out, Aanna! Thanks!!

  3. The lady from the crockpot 365 blog has food allergies in her family so she always cooks using gluten free products. We're not going gluten free but I use her recipes all the time.

  4. Thank you, Kayla! I'm loving her recipes!! SO excited to try them.