Friday, September 10, 2010

Brand Battles

Maybe it’s because my mom always bought generic brands of food items or maybe it’s because it’s they’re cheaper, but I have no problem buying a generic brand of food, with very few exceptions.  Really, I have more brand loyalty when it comes to paper towels (Viva!), toilet paper (Charmin Ultra Strong, though I’ve recently been tempted to buy the Ultra Soft instead) and Clorox Wipes (HAS to be Clorox – they don’t streak like even Lysol ones do).  

However, my husband doesn’t have the same carefree attitude about generic brands, especially when it comes to Macaroni & Cheese.  For him it has to be Kraft original.  Nothing else will do.  (And, yes, he eats original Kraft Mac ‘n Cheese, even though it’s CHEESE.)  Even when the store is out of Kraft original and I’m forced to buy a couple generic boxes.  He swears that they (generics) taste funny and so he’s scared to even try them.  They sit on the shelf until I break down and just eat them myself.  And they taste the same to me.  And are about a third of the price.  Whatever.

Recently I had a discussion with some friends about ketchup.  Apparently they will only buy Heinz and definitely will NOT buy Hunts.  Funny since my husband has the same hatred of Hunts.  But his mom will only buy Hunts.  That cracks me up.  I also remember having a conversation some years back with a friend in Cincinnati that will only use Philadelphia cream cheese.  She swears to its far superiority over generic brands.  I cannot tell one little bit of difference. 

Here is a short list of items that have had brand war waged over them in our house & others:

-         Oreos (only brand name for us)
-         Soda (no generics here)
-         Ranch dressing (only original Hidden Valley Ranch will do & in large quantities at that)
-         Pickles (I just discovered that our Walmart does carry more than just Vlasic and a generic brand – Claussens are located in the lunchmeat section.  Weird.  How often have I shopped there & never noticed that?!  Definitely try Famous Dave’s sweet & spicy pickles sometime – they’re amazing!!)
-         Cereal (we go generic on this as much as possible, though not with Cheerios or Honey Nut Cheerios – those generics are always off on texture for me)
-         Cool Whip (I’m good with generics usually)

Have you waged any brand battles?


  1. Prego - never Ragu or store brand

    Jiffy - never store brand (although I like Peter Pan, Keith prefers Jiffy)

    Toothpaste - Crest - not store brand

    I'm a Heinz girl (don't even like local Red Gold Ketchup. Hate Hunts)

    Angel Soft toliet paper

    Everything else, I'll pretty much buy generic. Although lately I've been buying local organic meat & eggs and I don't think I'll switch back to buying those at Wal Mart.

  2. I hate pickles but LOVE the Famous Daves sweet and spicy! :)

    As for pasta sauce, I will only buy Ragu, I think it's the best :)

    Toilet paper has to be 1-ply Scott tissue.

    I never buy generic Orange juice...usually Simply Orange or another good quality brand.

    And NEVER generic on Ice Cream!!!!! Never EVER!