Friday, September 17, 2010

Candy Time!

Who doesn’t love candy?!  Its melt-in-your mouth (or hand) delicious!  One of life’s simple pleasures.  But my husband and I can have very different candy preferences.  I will always choose the almond variety over the peanut butter (aka M&M’s, among other things).  I sometimes like fruity options rather than just rich, chocolaty ones.  Jake really isn’t into fruit in any form.  Sometimes I just want a good, smooth chocolate, which is pretty much something he’d never choose for himself.  And when it comes to milk or semi-sweet chocolate chips in our cookies, we’re split on that decision as well.  (I prefer traditional semi-sweet.  Which is odd since I grew up with giant milk chocolate chips, but I always wanted the “Nestle Tollhouse” ones I saw on TV instead, so that’s probably where that comes from.)  Most times I also like a little crunch in my munch, either nuts or wafers or cookies, even pretzels. (Hello, Take Five!  Though I haven’t loved the new pretzel M&M’s yet for some reason.)  Jake is a peanut butter cup, 3 Musketeers, Reese’s Fast Break guy.  I don’t even understand the Reese’s Fast Break!  Peanut butter, nougat – where’s the substance?!  Where’s the nutty layer breaking those other two up?!  Nasty.  And no matter how old I get, hard candy has never and apparently will never appeal to me.  Thanks but no thanks, suckers!  (This does not apply to the rock candy mentioned below, however, which is in a category of coolness all its own.)

Here are a few of my favorite (candy) things:

-Skittles & Starburst tie for my favorite fruity treats.  Though they are very different in form they have one thing in common: the strawberry options are by far the best.
-Of the Almond variety: M&M’s, Mars bars (WAY better than Snickers if given the option), Almond Joy, Hershey’s bar with almonds.
**Nestle used to make a white chocolate bar with almond pieces that was simply amazing; similar to the Hershey’s Cookies & Cream bars but even better.  Can we get a petition going to bring it back?!

-Nostalgia wins:  rock candy, Black Jack gum or anything black licorice-flavored, Big League chew, circus peanuts (my dad used to hide these in his office drawer at the church for special treats).

-Anything coconut will catch my eye.  My sister-in-law, Christine, used to spoil me with Key Lime Coconut patties that were dipped in chocolate on one side.  Fantastic!  I believe she purchased them at Cracker Barrel. 

-Lindt’s Lindor Truffle balls are my very top chocolate pick and the White Chocolate are the only way to go for me.  They do have many flavors for the white chocolate haters, though.  The melt-in-your-hand-then-mouth creamy center is a truly eye-drooping indulgence. 

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