Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sugar Free Summer Time Goodness

Remember that last post I wrote about how I’m supposed to give up snacks if I want to lose weight?  Well, I DO want to lose weight.  So, with the help of my sugar-free strawberry shortcake gum and sugar free popsicles, I’m fighting the good fight against my sweet tooth.  Most days.

It’s really the sugar free popsicles that do the trick.  They are cold, sweet nectar on hot summer days.  I get the Popsicle brand with the grape, cherry & orange flavors.  They are 15 calories each and I can suck down 2 a day with no worries or cares. 

I know, you’re thinking, “Hasn’t this chick written about these popsicles before?!”  And yes.  Yes, I have.  And I will probably do so again.  Because they are just that good. 

And yes.  I did just write in the last post that I don’t like “diet” versions of things, which usually contain some sort of artificial sweetener.  And yes, these popsicles do contain an artificial sweetener.  But I don’t taste it AT ALL! 

So go out & grab yourself a box and thank me later.  

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