Friday, February 11, 2011

Here’s To a Healthier New Year (Kicking & Screaming)

Last year Jake & I decided to venture out and get our dog some healthier food.  She’d been having a lot of scratchy skin and hacking cough issues.  A friend told us that their dog had similar issues & they found a dry food without corn ingredients which helped rectify those issues.  To be honest, we’re not the kind of people that want to spend a fortune on dog food.  So we were hesitant to try a special new food for her since they are so much more expensive.  But with couponing came the opportunity to try a new healthier food for her at a much reduced cost.  So we did.  And I think it’s helping.  She still rolls around a lot, scratching her itchy skin.  But that seems to happen a lot less.  And she hasn’t been hacking at all.  So I’m pleased.  And now we’re probably stuck with the expensive food.  We’re slowly becoming “those” people that cater to their dog’s every desire.

I find it unfortunate when people are willing to spend buco bucks on their pets or their kids and not on themselves.  If we’re willing to pay more for better food for our dog, shouldn’t we be willing to shell out something for ourselves as well? 

This year is bringing many changes to our eating, as has previously been noted on this blog.  Not only is Jake going gluten-free but due to high cholesterol, he’s also going low fat / low cholesterol with diet too.  Which is not a bad thing.  His family health history is scary on both sides.  So this is something that’s needed to happen for awhile. 

But why does it take a trip to the doctor to jolt us into doing what we should have been doing all along?  The psychology of that is intriguing to me, but nevertheless, it’s working.  Whether we like it or not, we’re both going to be healthier people in the end.  Sometimes I’m glad to have a good reason to be healthier.  And avoiding an early death is a good reason in my book.  But it has been more expensive, to be sure.

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  1. I don't know why we do what we do either. I find it very hard to do the things that help keep me healthy like vitamins, calcium, eating right, exercise, etc.. It's like if it's not a tangible thing that I can see benefitting me, then I have a hard time doing it.