Friday, December 24, 2010

Gum: The Miracle Fix

Ever since I was a young kid, I’ve loved gum.  I like bubble gum, mint gum, fruity gum.  Who doesn’t remember Big League Chew or Fruit Stripes gum?  How about Hubba Bubba?  Or finding gum in the middle of a lollipop?  That was always preferable than the tootsie roll centers for me.

As an adult, I still like gum.  My young nephew’s favorite thing about me for awhile was the fact that I always had a plethora of gum choices for him to seek out in my purse. 

A few years back I discovered that chewing gum after a meal helped to curb my dessert cravings.  Mint is actually an appetite suppressant, afterall.  But usually I just “need” a little something sweet after a meal, so a stick of sugar-free gum is just the ticket! 

I used to chew Extra Cool Green Apple gum.  But then I discovered that after chewing it, my husband always told me I had bad breath.  Come to find out, he just didn’t like the smell of that gum, but until I linked the two, I was pretty concerned for awhile.

Recently a friend introduced me to the new Extra Dessert Delights gums.  My favorite is the key lime pie, which is surprisingly similar to actual key lime pie.  I’m not a huge fan of the mint chocolate chip since it has a fake chocolate taste to me – similar to the fake chocolate in candles & chapsticks – but others seemed to really like it.  I have yet to try the strawberry shortcake version but I’ve heard that’s good.
One of my favorite gum finds of all time is the Orbit pina colada.  For awhile Trident had a similar flavor too but I’ve had trouble locating that recently. 

Like many things, my husband doesn’t share my love of gum.  I have no idea why.  But I guess this, like cheese, is just one more thing I get to keep all to myself. 

Merry Christmas, friends!!  I hope you find tasty, delicious gum in your stocking.


  1. I had to have dental work done in the spring, and I can no longer chew gum :(

    I miss it

    But I miss you and Jake even more!!!

    Merry Christmas to you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Aw, Rachel - we miss you too!!! And what about Freedent gum?

  3. I, like Jake (and that is truly an exception two the rule, lol), do not share your love for gum. I don't know that I have a particular experience that I can trace it back to but the whole gum chewing idea rubs me the wrong way. Maybe I had an overloaded time after a parade but I can't stand it or any other bubblegum flavorings.

    I don't like hard candy much but my belief is that if you desire gum for the flavor there must be options that do not require me to chomp on something only to spit it out later.