Friday, December 31, 2010

Food Critic = My Dream Job

I’ve decided that it would be my absolute dream to review restaurants for a living.  I love to travel and I love to eat.  So, if someone could put those two things together for me, I’d have it made. 

And they wouldn’t have to all be fancy restaurants by any means.  I’ve loved watching “Man v. Food” and one of the things I love most about it is that he goes to family eateries, cheap joints mostly.  “Pig out spots”, I believe he calls them.  I wouldn’t necessarily have to go to “pig out spots” (and I’m definitely not up for the eating challenges).  But I wouldn’t be adverse to them either.  I would be “on a quest” for good food, no matter what or where.

I’m a foodie, but I’m not a sophisticated gourmet, necessarily.  (But I like that kind of food too!)  So I’d use regular language and have a regular palette. 

I think lots of people out there are looking for a regular someone to tell them what restaurants they should try.  This is why people ask friends for their suggestions more often than looking up restaurant reviews online or in the paper!  (Anecdotal evidence, yes.)  So now all I have to do is make about a billion friends and have someone pay me to “advertise” my suggestions to all those friends.  Easy enough, I’m sure.

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