Thursday, November 11, 2010

Off Topic, But On My Mind: Christmas Cards & Shutterfly

So, it’s that time of year again where we all begin to consider our holiday plans.  Amongst those plans might be attending parties & concerts, baking up special treats, decorating the homestead, shopping for the perfect re-gifting gifts.  And sending holiday cards to everyone you’ve ever met or might have met once upon a time because you don’t want to leave anyone out just in case you might offend them by doing so.  Ah.  The holidays. 

This year, Shutterfly is making my (and possibly your) life easier & better!  They are offering 50 free Christmas cards to bloggers who post about this deal in their blog-o-sphere.  I have gladly agreed to take part in this truly jolly venture. 

One of my blog readers mentioned that I could suggest to you all to take pictures of your favorite holiday foods for your Christmas card Shutterfly pics.  And I think that would be a fabulous idea!!  (And ties in to the purpose of this blog.  Wink, wink.)

There have been years when I’ve made my own Christmas cards with tools and gadgets from Stamping Up.  And there have been years when I’ve gotten good deals at Borders on fun, sparkly pre-packaged Christmas cards.  (I’ve even purchased the same Christmas cards there twice, though several years apart – did anyone notice?!)  There have even been a couple years that we skipped the Christmas card tradition altogether.  But I think Shutterfly is making it easier & better to keep up with the Christmas card routine.  So why wouldn’t I (and you) take part?!  After looking at some of the options, I’m wise to all of you that have already been using Shutterfly.  I thought you were so creative all on your own, but now I realize I was just in the dark about this cool tool.

Here are a couple links to check out Shutterfly’s variety of Christmas & holiday card options:

Maybe you’re one of the many that have jumped on board the “after Christmas” card craze.  (And why not?  I love that I can hear from some of you at a time other than Christmas – spreads out the fun!)  Here’s a link for Shutterfly’s other greeting card options:

If you’re a blogger and want to get in on this special offer:
Bloggers get 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly… learn more:

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