Friday, June 3, 2011

Sam & Louie’s New York Pizzeria

We had company for Memorial Day weekend and they happened to be gluten-free as well.  One of the requests made was that we go out to eat for one meal over the weekend.  Omaha offers quite a few options for the gluten-free crowd and Jake had just experienced Sam & Louie’s gluten-free pizza the week prior and liked it quite a bit.  This is pretty exceptional, since he never really loved Sam & Louie’s before he was gluten-free.  (I’ve always liked it fine and normally got their lunch deal with a slice of pizza, a salad & a soda.  Good for lunch with the girls!)  We decided to try it out with our friends.  But apparently the location near us had closed, so we were on a wild goose-chase to find the next nearest location.  Not until we’d arrived at the one off 156th & Dodge did we remember there was one at 120th & Blondo.  Oh, well.

One drawback is the price: they only sell 10-inch gluten-free pizzas – 6 slices – for $10.49 for a cheese pizza.  They have several specialty options for $15.39, again for a 10-inch / 6-slice pie.

Now, one thing we’ve pretty much gotten used to: gluten-free is generally more expensive.  So that’s not a huge deal at this point, especially since we’ve cut down on eating out.  But still, that’s not a great deal.

However, the pizza is good.  Sometimes with gluten-free you get weird textures or tastes due to the different flour substitutions.  But this crust was a nice crispy thin crust, no weirdness to be had.

Jake had ordered the BBQ chicken pizza: “tangy barbeque sauce, smoked bacon, cheddar cheese, grilled chicken, red bell peppers, and mozzarella cheese” (minus the cheddar, of course).  Which is a better option for him than say, pepperoni (cholesterol & all), though he was hard-pressed to give up the bacon.  And he liked it a lot so when we went back with our friends, we ordered it (again, without the cheddar) and a Hawaiian Luau: “Canadian bacon, pineapple, red bell peppers, bacon and mozzarella cheese”.  Apparently we had something for bacon, red bell peppers and slightly sweet (the bbq sauce was on the sweet side as was the pineapple, of course).

It seemed to take quite awhile for us to get our food.  Our server was pretty nice; maybe a little overly chatty but just generally in a decent mood & probably an extrovert by nature.  Since I tend to be more of an introvert these days, those weird extroverts throw me a bit sometimes.  Anyway, when it arrived it was piping hot.  And pretty delicious.

 (A pic of the BBQ Chicken from their website.  I’m sure this is the regular variety, but the gluten-free looks pretty much the same.)

Overall, this was a very good dining experience for us.  I would definitely recommend Sam & Louie’s to my gluten-free friends.  But I like the regular stuff too.  Jake & I decided we could easily go there for an $11 one-topper (not bacon or pepperoni, of course, due to the fat/cholesterol issue but maybe grilled chicken, Canadian bacon, etc) to take home and have with a side salad or something.  It’s no $11 large Godfather’s pizza that fed us for 2 days, but its MUCH better than no pizza at all.

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