Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ladies Who Lunch

At the time of this writing, I just got back from lunch with my gal pals.  The three of us try to schedule lunches regularly, though how often we are actually able to make a lunch date happen definitely varies.  But inevitably, at the end of lunch, at least one of us says something to the effect of “we need to do this more often” which is always echoed by the rest of us and heartily agreed upon.  However, life gets in the way.  Last winter we had to reschedule / postpone our lunch dates several times in a row due to illness, weather, etc. 

I still remember the time we got together and laughed so hard we all cried.  (One of us is a fantastic story teller with fantastic stories to tell.  And it’s not me.)  And I remember the time we had a really heartfelt conversation about our spousal relationships.  And the times they let me talk about losing my mom.  And we almost always discuss the joys and trials of parenting, since they’re both moms of young ones.  I soak in their wisdom, experience, laughter and love.  I revel in their ability to take care of their offspring better than I am able to care for just myself! 

We’ve gone out, we’ve stayed in, we’ve potlucked.  But mostly we converse.  We don’t get together for the food, though we generally enjoy that as well.  One has not tried a lot of ethnic and diverse foods and we enjoy sharing those with her.  (Or maybe it’s testing / pushing her!)  Sometimes it’s successful.  Ha! 

Today we held each other up, encouraged one another, laughed, cried and paused to admit that sometimes life experiences are the best teachers of compassion and humility, though we also grieved that those lessons are most often taught through difficulties.

I always look forward to our girls day out lunches.  I can’t wait until the next one, even though it might be awhile. 

Do you have some favorite meal companions? (Other than the obvious immediate family members, so for some those individuals are not favorites!)

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